A Handcrafted Cup of Coffee

At first glance, coffee pour overs might seem unnecessarily time consuming and complicated; instructions call for scales, timers and a certain amount of precision, not to mention fresh coffee for best results–all of which might intimidate newcomers at any time of day. Luckily, as is the case with many things, making a pour over batch of coffee at home gets easier with practice, and the ritual itself promises to become as integral to your morning routine as that first cup.

Counting the time it takes to boil water and gather things together, the pour over takes about 10 minutes all told once you have perfected your process. But while this might sound like a long time for a cup of coffee, you’d be surprised how much this process becomes second nature as you roll out of bed and wander into the kitchen to get things started.

Importantly, as the daily dance of making delicious coffee becomes more and more practiced, the initial effort becomes more of a meditation–taking in the rich aroma of freshly ground coffee, the steady, spiraling plumes of steam billowing off the surface of the just-doused coffee grounds and the soothing trickle of hot, dark coffee as it filters through to the carafe below. As the morning chore turns to ritual, the unhurried simplicity of the whole process takes on its own quiet beauty, especially in the early morning before the day starts in earnest.

Turning something necessary into an special, meditative process is the definition of mindful, slow living. What better way to inspire that change in mindset than with your morning cup of coffee?

Pour Over Method

This method will make one cup of coffee. To make more cups, simply multiply the measurements by how many cups of coffee you wish to make. 

You will need:


Pour over


Digital scale



  1. Fill kettle with water, set on stove top and bring to a boil, then remove from heat. You want your water temperature to be just under boiling, especially if you’re using freshly ground coffee.
  2. While the water is heating to a boil, measure out 22 grams of fresh, whole coffee beans and grind to a medium/fine consistency–grounds should be the same consistency as coarse salt.
  3. Use a high-quality filter to line your pour over.
  4. Before adding the coffee, pour the hot water through the filter and pour over. This not only helps set the filter into the pour over, but also helps to ensure that the filter does not impart any taste on your coffee. Empty the water and replace the pour over on top of your carafe. Pour the freshly ground coffee into the pour over so that it rests at the bottom of the filter.
  5. Place the pour over with the ground coffee on your digital scale and zero the scale. Start your timer and pour 75 grams of water over the grounds, making sure all the grounds are evenly saturated.
  6. When your timer reaches 45 seconds, pour an additional 125 grams of water over the grounds so that your scale reaches a total of 200 grams. As you pour, try to focus the stream on the dark areas of the mixture.
  7. Wait until the timer reaches 1 minute 45 seconds and then pour the final 150 grams of water, bringing the total weight on your scale up to 350 grams.
  8. Wait for the timer to reach 4 minutes, or for the pour over to completely drain. Remove the our over and pour yourself a cup of fresh, aromatic and rich coffee!


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