Behind the Scenes

Our home is located in a small town in Northwest Connecticut. It is a work in progress that serves as our Cultivations photo studio and office. It is the space where we test recipes, discover artists and learn new art forms.

We keep things simple here—we don’t have a microwave or a dishwasher (however, we would like to get a dishwasher eventually). If we want to watch television, we watch a movie or a show streamed on our computer monitor. Our home is designed to encourage people to feel welcome, cozy and safe. Each small room serves a purpose: an office for me to work, the kitchen for gathering and cooking, the living room for roaring fires, listening to records and getting comfortable, a library for books and instruments, and finally bedrooms for sleeping and storing clothes. We try not to collect things that we don’t love and find useful and we try to keep clear surfaces as they allow for more creativity to happen.

A typical day here involves work for both keeping up the home and Cultivations. The day starts with daily chores like walking the dog, tidying the house with a quick dust and sweep, making coffee and putting away clean, dry dishes that were left on the counter to dry the night before.

Once the house is tidy—beds are made, rooms are picked up and the floors are clean, I feel like I can begin my work. With a steaming cup of coffee, I settle into my office and catch up on email and correspondence with team members. Creating editorial calendars for our blog and email and planning photoshoots is normally what happens in this first hour of the day.


Caught up on planning and taking care of the smaller details, I then get into the main part of work that I’m planning on doing that day. If it is a photoshoot, I start pulling props and readying anything that I may need to in other parts of the house. I mostly do my photoshoots in the guest room and the kitchen as they get the most light and provide a good setting for most of what I like to photograph.

If there is a recipe to be tested or another idea to be worked out, I tend to take over the kitchen with my mess. It normally takes at least one round of getting messy to work out the recipe or craft that I’m exploring.


As the late afternoon approaches and the light begins to fade, I break for a run or walk outside before the sun sets. We are lucky to live in a beautiful area with many hiking paths and stunning views. Getting out of the house for an hour to enjoy the surroundings helps inspire me and refreshes me for a productive afternoon.


After my outing, I return to the house and I move back into my office to finish up computer work. Normally, that includes photo editing or artist research. I often have a hot cup of tea and a small bit to eat. I find that sitting down with a hot cup of tea helps me to focus and settle into a few productive hours of getting things done.



I hope you enjoyed this quick snapshot into what goes on around here. Feel free to email us with questions or requests for crafts or recipes that you would like to see come out of our kitchen. We love researching about different crafts and learning new things.



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