Bring in the light!

We are finally reaching days that are longer, brighter and warmer. The birds begin singing just before dawn breaks and the chill in the air has warmed slightly so that the shoulders don’t immediately tense to brace for the bitter air that normally shocks the body venturing out of doors.

As more warmth and sunlight creep into each day, signs of life slowly emerge from beneath icy banks and leaf-covered forest floors. The arrival of spring becomes more apparent with tulips in shop windows and bright arrangements on kitchen tables. Bringing life into the home during this time of year is one of my favorite things: fresh cut flowers or foraged branches collected on walks make home feel a bit fresher, a bit more alive.

Arranging flowers in small bouquets allows you to make the most of your fresh bounty so that you may spread that feeling of spring throughout your entire home. This time of year offers many colorful and complex blooms that can stand alone, so playful bud vases are a lovely way to display your favorite flowers and buds.

Buying small, planted flowers or bulbs is another lovely way to bring in that feeling of spring. Replanting your existing plants in a larger pot will allow for new growth and refresh what you already have.

All these simple ideas play into the larger goal of taking the time to appreciate the moment. As seasons change and time goes on, often without us noticing, finding timeto observe our surroundings and be present in the moment is so important.

Make Yourself
at Home

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