Crafts to Celebrate the Rite of Spring

Finally! After some long, dark and dreary days, the official start to spring is just a week away. Whether the temperature and sun cooperate or not, we are ready to celebrate the new season.

With spring, color seeps back into our world: flower bulbs start resurfacing in our garden, songbirds return to nest and hints of warm weather floats back in on the breeze. The change outside is the perfect cue for us to make changes in our homes.

So, we are trying our own hand at making some seasonal décor for our home, inspired by those warm spring colors and our own talented artists’ beautiful creations. Our projects—a joyful spring wreath and some delicate hand-painted and dyed, blown-out Easter eggs—are simple compared to our artisans’ work, but the results promise to provide a lasting breath of fresh air to your home.

Spring Wreath

A spring-inspired wreath is a warm weather take on the beautiful wreaths we loved during the Christmas season, featuring willow branches secured with copper wire and stuffed with gorgeous greenery. Now, as we enter into spring, switching from spruce and fir trimmings to spring greenery like lavender, eucalyptus, baby’s breath and more will bring fresh floral accents into your home.

You will need:

Curly willow branches

Spring greenery

Flowers that dry nicely such as baby’s breath and lavender

Copper wire

Wire cutters


Colorful ribbon or yarn for the final touch

Step One: Form the wreath frame.

Select two willow branches to start forming the frame for your wreath. Take one of those branches and gently intertwine the thinner, more flexible half around and along the thicker half of the second branch (note: for a more natural, fuller-looking wreath, leave the narrowest tip of the intertwining branch free from the wreath’s main structure). Secure the wrap by winding about six inches of copper wire where the two branches meet.

Repeat this process: start with the two-branch frame and intertwine the free narrow end around the base of a third branch. Secure the third branch with another six-inch wrap of copper wire. As the willow frame increases in length, gently bend the branches into your circle’s curve, flexing the branches as you go to make them more pliable. Continue to add as many additional branches as you like, depending on how big you want the wreath to be.

Step Two: Decorate!

Once you are happy with the shape and size of your wreath frame, it’s time to decorate it for spring! To be sure we had the perfect balance of color and texture throughout the wreath, we started with greenery first and then added our favorite spring flowers wherever we wanted a splash of color. To add your decorations, gently tuck the stem ends into the intertwined willow branches and wrap small lengths of copper wire around the stem and frame to secure them in place.

Once we were happy with the arrangement of greenery and flowers, we found a pastel ribbon to attach to our wreath in a simple bow. You can also use colorful yarn or anything else you wish to attach to your wreath—feel free to get creative!

Once finished, step back to admire your beautiful handiwork! Hang your spring wreath in a place where it can remind you and your visitors of the lovely warmth of spring.

Perennial Easter Eggs

This traditional method for creating long-lasting decorative eggs is great for those of us who love making artful Easter eggs that are hard to part with.

You will need:

White eggs

A needle, thumbtack or sharp nail


Warm water

Paints or dyes to decorate

To hollow out the egg, poke a hole with a needle on both ends of the egg. Enlarge the hole on one end slightly by carefully poking the needle around the edge of the original opening a couple of times—don’t do this too much, but just enough so that the yolk and egg whites start to come out of the hole.

Next, blow into the hole on one end of the egg to force the yolk and whites out of the other side. This can be challenging at first, but with a little hard work and dedication, it will pay off.

Once the contents of the egg are out, rinse out the eggshell with warm water to remove any remaining contents and let it dry.

Once this is done, you are ready to paint or dye! This year, we are going to be painting a few with acrylic paints and dyeing some others with indigo. Indigo dye can be purchased through craft supply shops and makes for a beautiful, deep blue.

Spring-Inspired Pieces

Share and give back with #cultivationscreations

If you would like to share your spring creations, we would love to see your work! Post your work on Instagram with the hashtag #cultivationscreations and we will be sure to share your photos with our community. Plus, when you post your creations using our hashtag, we will donate $1 to support public art education in underserved communities through our Endowment for the Arts in honor of your commitment to creativity. We can’t wait to be inspired by you!


Happy Spring!

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