Deck the Halls

This year my goal is to find simple, elegant, unique and EASY ways to bring cheer to my home for the holidays. We are still getting settled in our new home and studio space, so spending a lot of time and money on decorations is not something we want to do. Luckily for us, we have a whole yard from which to harvest decorations. We are fortunate to have a holly tree and many evergreen branches around our property, so my first step was to take a walk outside to gather some boughs. If you don’t have a yard to raid, there are other options for finding affordable and natural decorations. Curly willow branches and other natural materials to work with can be purchased at a local grocery store or flower shop. We will have our own tree this year, which with some lights, will immediately add cheer and warmth to our space.

With my gathered goods, I come inside to sip a warm cupand begin trimming and inventing shapes with my copper wire and greens. I’ve also purchased ranberries, oranges and miniature marshmallows for stringing. Keeping the colors and the ingredients simple, my final touch is a bit of my hand dyed silk ribbon. The texture of the silk crepe creates an earthy, warm feel to festive creations. I love these decorations because they can be used over and over again, and the cranberries become a pigment source for me to dye with after the holidays are over.

If you are looking for tips on creating wreaths from willow branches, check out this post for more technical guidance and inspiration.



In addition to allowing myself to create a mess and make my own natural decorations this holiday, I am also loving this advent calendar idea. Perfect and customizable to any home for advent.



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