Easter Basket Gift Guide

Easter is one of those holidays that has been taken over by the commercial world: grocery stores have bright, colorful candy displays at the end of every aisle and clothing stores entice you to refresh your wardrobe for spring. If you have children, there is an expectation that the Easter bunny will visit bringing lots of candy and maybe even a toy. Just like with other holidays, the emphasis on consumerism can be a bit overwhelming, so I like to take a step back and analyze the real reason for gifts and celebration.

As someone who is a careful shopper, I like to research the company, understand where things are coming from and who is making them. I also like to think about my purchases and how they will be used. Often, I gravitate towards smaller things that serve a purpose but also reflect the person for whom I am buying.

When you think about Easter and spring and what it all truly means, it is a celebration of new life, new growth and warmer temperatures so that we can venture out again and enjoy our surroundings. Finding things that reflect and celebrate the season or encourage us to get outside is really what I try to give. Whether you are putting together an Easter basket for your children or you are surprising your loved ones with a little Easter gift, I hope these thoughtful suggestions for Easter help you to enjoy spring this year.



Wooden Toys by Timothy Binder

For small children, these classic wooden toys are a perfect gift. Made completely of natural and safe materials, these timeless pieces will keep your child entertained while also bringing charm to your nursery or playroom. Completely made by hand with lots of care, these are the perfect timeless toys that will become a beautiful part of your child’s life.


Spring Cards and Wrapping Paper

Both Betsy Bailey and Bonnie Kaye have an eye for capturing the beauty of nature in their botanical drawings and prints. Betsy creates these lovely sets of cards while Bonnie Kaye is a designer and maker of these gorgeous wrapping paper designs. These are perfect for your spring gifts and will most certainly make the recipient of your gift feel extra special.


Naturally Dyed Goods by Me (Holly Bailey)

I use food waste and foraged plants to create all of my natural pigments for the silk bandanas and the ribbons that I make. The beauty of these hues is that they are truly living color, meaning the color will change slightly depending on the light and and have a multi-dimensional color to them. The ribbons can be used to decorate (I like to hang dried flowers or herbs with them—they look quite lovely and it is a very simple décor element) or you can use them to enhance a dress with a little sash and pop of natural color. The bandanas make great hair or neck scarf accessories.

Baskets by Lisa Young

Whether you are making an Easter basket or just finding a gift for someone, these baskets will certainly serve a purpose. They provide lovely storage in any room of the home and can be useful on foraging walks in the woods. They are flexible so that they don’t take up too much room if they need to be stored and they are all completely handmade with beautiful jute fibers.

Bud vases, planters and other small trinkets

Here at Cultivations we have many ceramicists who each make unique pieces. I love mixing and matching work from different makers, especially when it comes to using bud vases and planters to display my flowers and plants.

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