2018 Gift Guide

Give More This Year

When the holidays come around, I always struggle with gift giving. I want to buy the perfect thing for everybody on my list. I want it to be special, original and a reflection of my relationship to that person. As great as that sounds, it is really challenging to achieve this year after year! After many years of having this same narrative play out when it comes to gift giving, I have found that it is so much easier if you buy handmade gifts from artists who have a story and a reason for making. Discovering artists whose stories resonate with you, whether it is their process or inspiration, where they are from or what their interests are, supporting an individual’s passion inherently brings a whole new level of meaning to a gift.

This year, I have combed through our collection to select the gifts that intrigue me in function, design and story. This collection is a wonderful representation of all that Cultivations has to offer and all that we seek to celebrate every day. Discovering artists with remarkable talents who bring their passion to creating unique works of art is what keeps us going. We love sharing our passion with you. I hope this thoughtfully curated guide helps you find inspiration for your own gift giving this year. Know that when you support our artists, you support their passion and drive to not only make their own business but you also support the continuation and growing accessibility of the arts to everyone in our communities.



If you are like me, you have a few people on your list who love to cook. I am always trying to give things that will truly be useful, so for those foodies and cooks, something special for the kitchen is always a good way to go. These are my favorites in our collection this year. Each piece is beautifully made and can be used every day. Just because something is handmade doesn’t mean it can’t be put to work! Each and every single one of these things are made with such care and attention to quality that they stand up to the tests of the kitchen and create a wonderful experience.


Shopping for someone’s home can be quite difficult. You really must know the person well and understand their style. Often, I buy small things for people’s homes, but these distinctive pieces are just meant for certain people. If I can connect a person with the story of a distinctive piece, I can’t pass up buying it for them as a special gift.

Wear + Carry

Sometimes, the best gifts are so personal that they become an everyday companion. Classic accessories are always a perfect idea because they are often luxuries that your loved ones wouldn’t buy for themselves. I love finding something that fits a friend’s or loved one’s style and then realize that they use my gift every day. These will certainly become those favorites.

Gifts Under $50

We recognize that buying a carefully made, one-of-a-kind item can be expensive, but there is still opportunity to invest in handmade without breaking your budget. These pieces are beautiful representations of meaningful handmade gifts that are affordable and perfect for anyone on your list.

Make Yourself
at Home

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