Give Love; Give Honey Marshmallows

When I was a kid, I would look forward to Saturday mornings when my brother and I were allotted one marshmallow per person for our morning cup of hot chocolate. I would let it get soft in my hot chocolate and slowly sip the sweet foam from the top of my cup. A few weeks ago, I revisited this memory when I made my very first batch of marshmallows made from scratch.  The experience was even more delicious than I remember, and I knew it was because of the quality of the marshmallow! I quickly became fascinated by the marshmallow and pursued the many ways to perfect it. After many weeks of experimenting with this recipe, I have created something so simple, yet the magic of marshmallow making still amazes me every time I make them.

Simple ingredients make these marshmallows really uniquely delicious. Using just honey, you can make sweet, fluffy marshmallows that are not only so much better for you, but are also so unbelievably flavorful, you’ll wonder why you ever bought marshmallows at the store.

This recipe takes about 30 minutes of hands-on time and takes a total of 8 hours to set. Marshmallows can be kept separated in layers of parchment paper in an airtight container for up to 1 month.

This recipe makes approximately 48 marshmallows. They are great as homemade treats for Valentines or as holiday gifts.


9 x 13 x 2 rectangular cake pan greased with ghee, butter or vegetable oil then dusted with confectioner’s sugar

1 cup water, divided in half

2 ¼ ounce packets of unflavored gelatin

2 cups honey

¼ teaspoon salt

2 teaspoons vanilla extract


Pour ½ cup cool water into a large bowl. Sprinkle gelatin over water and quickly stir to ensure that all the gelatin makes contact with the water.

In a medium sauce pan, stir together ½ cup water, honey and salt. Stir mixture constantly until it bubbles up, reaching a temperature 240°F. Remove pan from heat and allow bubbles to dissipate slightly.

In a stand mixer, slowly mix in the hot honey syrup into the softened gelatin. Gradually increase mixing speed until marshmallow thickens and begins to form thick ribbons. This can take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes depending on your mixer. (Note: I’ve found that the key to good marshmallows is patience. Mixing until you get the proper consistency will ensure that your marshmallows really turn out like marshmallows. If it takes you longer than 10 minutes to get thick marshmallow that slightly holds its shape, take those extra moments to ensure you’re getting what you want for the perfect marshmallow.)

Pour marshmallow into your greased and dusted pan and spread until even. Dust top with sifted confectioner’s sugar or decorative sprinkles. Allow to set at room temperature for approximately 8 hours.

Run a knife along the edges of the pan and gently slip a thin spatula under one corner of the marshmallow to slightly lift a small section up in order to loosen the marshmallow from the pan. Flip set marshmallow out on a cutting board and cut into squares or use cookie cutters to create shapes.

Dip or decorate marshmallows with chocolate to make them extra special. Loosely wrap them in parchment paper, tie the small package with a ribbon and give them to the people that you appreciate in life.

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