Inspiration For Your Gatherings

As we get closer to Thanksgiving and all of the holidays and gatherings that follow, I have been thinking a lot about what our table will look like. In our new location, I have so much nature that surrounds me, so I am very inspired by the plants that surround our home. Foraging in my yard has proved to be the best way for me to decorate my table this year. Pairing this natural, local resource with the beautiful handmade goods of all of our artists creates a simple and effortless holiday table that comes together in minutes. With the addition of a few votive candles and my grandmother’s brass candle sticks that have been passed down to me, I am so pleased to share with you my simple inspiration for a holiday table.

My rule of thumb always follows what is simple and true to my own personality. Using things that I already have—foraged boxwood clippings from my yard, gifted whiskey glasses turned votive holders, my grandmother’s candlesticks and my beloved wine cups and napkins from our Cultivations collection reflects not only what I love but also what I already own. My investment in artists that I admire paired with my other possessions show my personality and the balance between old and new, handmade and bought out of necessity. Using things creatively and repurposing them for what you need makes old things seem new and brings fresh perspective to a space.

The power of a thoughtfully set table is something to be celebrated. Making a place for your guests to gather and connect allows for a richer experience among friends and family. Welcome your guests in your own special way by getting creative and enjoying the simple process of setting a table.

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