It’s All About Presentation

Wrapping a present is one of my favorite holiday activities. For many, gift wrapping comes at the last minute and becomes more of a chore, however, as someone who enjoys a creative opportunity, I look forward to how I will approach wrapping each year.

I have two rules when I wrap a gift: use environmentally friendly materials and think about the whole unwrapping experience. I like to use materials that can either be repurposed or recycled. This year, I am using Bonnie Kaye’s recyclable wrapping paper along with my own silk ribbons and homemade dried fruit ornaments. The ornaments and silk ribbon can be reused as decoration around the home and the Kraft paper can be saved for craft projects or recycled.

For my ornaments, I dried orange slices in the oven, strung cranberries and added some small trimmings for our tree. The distinct aroma of baking oranges filled the house and just like that, Christmas officially arrived.  I used copper wire to keep everything together and then added a bit of silk ribbon. The ingredients varied in colors, aromas and textures making the whole experience that much more special.

For each present, I took my time wrapping. I cleared a space, prepared my materials and put on some good music. With my favorite scissors in hand, I carefully wrapped each package in paper and then used some silk ribbon to tie them up along with a small homemade ornament. The combination of the silk next to the glowing dried orange slices and the shiny cranberries create a truly lovely parcel.

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