Make Your Escape

Summer is all about relaxation. In an ideal world, we would all get to travel to paradise and enjoy a perfect vacation, but that doesn’t always happen. Even when we’re homebound, we can still, with a little work, craft a beautiful retreat in our own backyard.

To make our escape, we sourced everyday items and built a little haven from the daily norm. Using a tree branch, some string and a big linen tablecloth draped to look like a tent, we built a simple structure in minutes. Then, we put down a small tarp that we had laying around (anything you don’t mind getting a bit dirty will do) and carried pillows from inside along with a few blankets to cushion the floor of our tent. Next, we brought a small table, some books, snacks and a little something to sip. We strung some lights, turned on some music and settled into our makeshift backyard bungalow. With just a few changes, we created a summer oasis—a perfect shelter from the summer sun to talk, read and nap the day away, all while enjoying our own backyard.

By taking time to relax and appreciating our own surroundings, we were able to find the break we were searching for. Without cell phones or screens, we managed to escape the everyday without the jet lag or travel stress that come with a long flight. With just a short trip to the shop for necessary snacks and the simple and fun 45-minutes spent setting up our space exactly how we wanted it (complete with a fresh bouquet from our garden), we were able to leave behind our daily routine in favor of our own handmade escape. As dusk began to creep in and the bugs started to come out, we lit a few citronella candles, grilled up some burgers and settled back into our tent. When we had our fill of food and cool evening air, we gathered our things, shook them out and brought them inside. Within minutes, we were back in the comfort of our home—feeling fully relaxed, recharged and content.


Sometimes a simple, creative solution works perfectly, particularly when things get busy and time or money doesn’t allow for big trips. Little retreats like these help us find pleasure in our surroundings and allow us to think about the way we relax and spend our time. We hope you find joy in making your own escape this summer.

Make Yourself
at Home

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