Start Your Own Garden

Beginning a garden is simple: buy some soil, seeds, a good quality hand rake or hoe if you don’t already have one and get to planting! If you have access to an outdoor space, it is a great way to spend time in your own bit of nature.

The start of a garden is never colorful, but the potential nestled in the soil during these early days of spring, when the threat of frost has finally passed holds so much vibrancy and life for the coming days. Having a place to cultivate a garden, big or small is a great way to focus energies and spend time with nature.

This spring is our first at our new house, so we are tackling the new yard with many gardening projects. We have learned a lot over the past few weeks, so if you are looking for encouragement to get outside and make your own backyard a little cultivated oasis, we hope our tips help you complete your own garden project dreams.


Planning your garden.

Whether you are planning to plant a window box garden or a full on vegetable garden, it is important to come up with a plan for your layout and placement of your garden. Consider the types of plants you would like to grow and research the sun exposure that is required for your desired plants. Read the planting instructions so you know how much room will be taken up by a specific crop or plant. Also, look at the plants that you already have and try to fit them into your plan before going out to buy new seeds.


Buying seeds and selecting plants.

Our process for selecting what to grow in our garden started with what we wanted to get out of our garden. Having the ability to grow certain garden staples like herbs and our favorite spring and summer crops; cherry tomatoes, snap peas and arugula was something that we decided was important for us. Knowing that these crops need full sun, we selected the perfect kitchen door-side garden plot for all the food we would be growing and using for cooking. We have family members with bigger gardens and also access to so many good local farms, so having a full garden isn’t necessary for us, but we love the idea of snacking on our favorite summer garden-grown staples.

Another passion of mine is floral designing and arranging. The colors that come from flowers absolutely amaze me and the patterns and shapes found in flowers are an inspiration. I am fascinated by the life cycle of a flower and I admire the drying process of flowers as well. With our new-found garden space, I have decided to devote a large amount of our property to growing flowers. It is my first time cultivating cut flowers like this, so this year is somewhat of an experiment. I will certainly keep you posted!


Get your hands dirty.

It’s really important to break up the soil when you decide you’re going to start a garden. If you are digging up grass to make a plot in the lawn, break up and remove as much grass as possible then add some new compost soil on top. Using a garden hoe or rake, mix the soil well until evenly broken up and distributed.

Start your planting, water well and take care of your garden. Make sure to weed your garden to allow for more nutrients and sun to access the seeds and plants you have sowed. Enjoy the process of watching things grow and slowly transform your outside oasis.

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