Thoughts on Accessorizing

When it comes to dressing, my style remains relatively minimal. If you look at my closet, you will see many garments ranging in shades on the grayscale with some subtle hues of blue interspersed. The only place you’ll find color is in my scarf collection. I like to dress as a plain canvas and then add interest with one or two understated, yet striking handmade accessories that reflect my sensibilities.


As for jewelry, I have never been one to remember to put on jewelry in the morning, so jewelry often becomes a special occasion or night out addition. My favorite pieces are either family heirlooms or distinctive and unique handmade pieces. I love mixing metals and styles of jewelry—it allows me to truly choose what I love while also creating my own unique style.

As a natural dyer, I have come to admire and seek out naturally dyed textiles for both my home and my clothing. It is for this reason that I started making these silk bandanas. I dye them with natural pigments and hand stitch each scarf’s rolled hem to ensure that it is of the best quality for everyday wear. In my many years of sporting bandanas, I find them to be practical and timeless in all the best ways; they dress up an outfit when needed or they are just there to provide silky comfort.


As with all the things I bring into my life, accessories and jewelry provide a certain source of joy and practicality for me. I know why I love each piece that I own and I know the story behind it.


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