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Finding joy in small, routine moments is so important to us. That is why we believe that you should love the things that you use every day. When we surround ourselves with useful, meaningful objects, we can better appreciate all the simple, routine moments. For us, loving an object means knowing its story and where it came from. When something is handmade, we know that there is a story behind the object, which gives it so much more meaning and makes us love it that much more. That is why we devote our time to discovering unique and thoughtful artists who are committed to their craft and are constantly working to create handmade goods of the highest quality and superior design and function.

At Cultivations, we celebrate the people, stories and traditions behind each handmade piece. By empowering our artisans to tell their story and talk about their work, we provide a unique and authentic way to discover a diverse and growing collection of handmade homewares and accessories. We work with every artist to curate their unique collection as well as provide full support and flexibility to ensure that our artisans can focus on what is important—their craft. By enriching the experience of discovering and buying from artists, we hope to build a deeper appreciation of the value in supporting artisans and investing in handmade goods.


How We Give Back

Here at Cultivations, we deeply believe in keeping the tradition of art and craft alive by supporting artists and investing in arts education. As devoted advocates of the arts, we donate 5% of every sale to supporting public art education programs in underserved communities as well as volunteering our time to helping young people gain more access and education in the arts. We strongly believe in the positive impact that the arts have on young people and their engagement in education, so it is our mission to provide better access and opportunity to more children.


Our Curator

Holly is the founder and curator at Cultivations. She has a background in fine art and education and has combined her passion for discovering artists and collecting functional crafts with her ambition to actively support the arts. Her life-long love of art echoes throughout everything she does—inspiring her to pursue outlets that allow her to impact her local and broader arts communities. At her core, Holly’s appreciation for the human connection made through craft drives her work and dedication to supporting the creative community.

In addition to the work that she does for Cultivations, Holly has volunteered in art classrooms so that she may lend a helping hand as well as better understand how creative education can be improved for underserved communities. She sees that access to the arts is very limited and would like to help more people have the ability to appreciate and pursue creative paths.  Holly also continues to make art herself—she is the photographer and writer for Cultivations and in her free time, works on developing her skills in natural dyeing and fiber arts.




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Unique Handcrafted Goods

The objects you’ll discover on Cultivations are one-of-a-kind in conception and construction, designed with singular personality and purpose by artists of uncompromising vision.

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Heirloom-Quality Finery

Each of the artisans featured on our site has demonstrated a mastery of the time-honored techniques of their trade. Their goods are made by hand with exacting attention to detail.

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Made by American Artisans

Celebrating the spirit and diversity of American ingenuity, Cultivations is comprised of artisans from all over the country, united by a shared commitment to handmade quality and craftsmanship.


  • "Things that are simple are not necessarily easy."

    Dubhe Carreño
  • "We want to make delicious, creative chocolate that showcases the wilder side of cacao and do so in a way that is as environmentally and socially responsible as we can."

    Nate and Ryan
  • "Food should be delicious, nutritious and good for all those involved in producing it."

    Mark Overbay
  • "It takes a lot of tweaking and fine-tuning - that’s where the craftsmanship comes in."

    Brad Smith

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