Amelia Davis

Growing up in rural Vermont, Amelia Davis has always felt a close connection with the environment.

Today, living and working in Tacoma, WA, Amelia still holds close ties with her  natural surroundings, sourcing local clay to craft beautiful pottery to be used and cherished. With a background in environmental studies and a life-long love of craft, Amelia has formed her own place that pairs pottery with environmentalism.

Amelia believes in the direct relationship that her work has with nature. By using mindful business practices, Amelia has built her business around preserving resources and having as little negative impact as possible. Amelia approaches her work whole heartedly and forms connections within her community to encourage the appreciation of the environment and a consciousness of resources.

Amelia contributes to the preservation of our environment by creating timeless, heirloom-quality pottery that not only encourages us to slow down and appreciate her hard work, but also admire the beauty that comes from this earth. With the intention of creating pieces that are enjoyable to use, Amelia hopes her business contributes to an economy that is more focused on preserving resources and putting the environment first. She hopes that her pieces bring joy to those using them and encourages more home cooking. With a clear intention behind her practice, Amelia creates beautiful pieces that encourage us to reduce and reuse.


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