Betsy Bailey

Though based in the Philadelphia area, Betsy Bailey traces her artistic origins to her hometown of Washington, Connecticut, and to the dairy farm on which she grew up.

Growing up amidst rolling hills, the overgrown abundance of rural summers and the stark beauty of New England winters, inspired in Betsy a passion for art that continues to this day.

An avid painter and sketch artist, Betsy began designing her own stationery after being unable to find a selection of simple, meaningful pieces from local stationery stores and art shops. She began receiving the occasional commission to design wedding stationery, invitations and programs for events, and soon found herself designing larger editions of stationery for sale. Reflecting her rural roots, Betsy’s work is inspired by the materials and methods of the artistic process, so that her work is a tactile experience as well as a visual one. Thanks to her dedication, each piece is an elegant work of functional art, inspired by the textures, the spaces and the natural beauty of halcyon days in the countryside.


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