Clarity Elise

Hike up high into the heart of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains to Aspen, and amidst famous pine-covered ski slopes and crisp alpine air you will discover a thriving artistic community, of which weaver Clarity Elise is a part.

There, surrounded by the area’s rugged beauty and pristine climate, Clarity weaves intimate, heirloom pieces for the handcrafted home.

An Aspen native, Clarity’s artistic spirit and contemplative nature drew her to intricate, highly detailed creative projects from an early age. This passion and patience for the artistic process led Clarity to pursue an arts degree at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where she first discovered working with fibers. Her natural disposition for thoughtful, time-intensive craft inspired her to take a course in weaving and she was hooked. After graduation, she continued to weave pieces on her loom and displayed works at art galleries and fine art shows. Now, having returned to Aspen, Clarity has been able to devote herself full time to creating distinctive, meticulously crafted pieces, inspired by the natural world around her and the artistic community to which she belongs.


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