Colleen Davy

Colleen Davy lives in the northern New Mexican countryside, a rugged, pristine expanse of dusty greens, sundrenched whites and bright pinks under sweeping, deep blue skies.

One look at Colleen’s bags and home accessories will reveal how her surroundings are woven into her work: using natural dyes and durable materials and employing traditional methods, she creates items as timelessly beautiful as the land around her.

Growing up in Williamstown, New Jersey, Colleen gained an appreciation for sewing at a young age from her Aunt Kitty, whose skill, dedication and hard work helped her to create many articles for her family, from hardworking daily wear to beautiful bridal gowns. Aunt Kitty’s work captivated Colleen: through sewing, she was able to make something artistic and meaningful yet also functional. This insight would stay with Colleen while studying art in college, and would inspire her to begin creating her own plant-based dyes and custom textiles for projects of her own. After years of working across the country, Colleen finally settled in New Mexico to pursue her craft full-time, where she creates durable, heirloom pieces that represent a deep love for the traditions of craft and heritage and a connection to the natural world.


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