Dash Masland

With its distinctive granite cliffs, jutting, jagged points and windswept shores, the coast of Maine has a rugged grandeur all its own.

Work your way through Maine’s sheltered inlets and winding tideways and you will find dotting the shore small, seaside towns, hardy and timeless. Here you will also find Dash Masland, whose handmade heirloom textiles are awash in her home’s history and landscape.

A lifelong coastal Maine native, Dash learned to quilt from her mother, whose own handmade work helped Dash understand at an early age the meaningful nature of handmade goods. Dash’s early explorations in quilting sparked a passion that has stayed with her ever since. Even when working as a marine scientist, she continued to quilt as a hobby, and found that her coastal environment and the ocean she studied profoundly influenced her work as a maker as well. Eventually, Dash realized her true course pointed toward a more creative career, and she set out to contribute to Maine’s deep textile arts tradition. Now, Dash creates pieces that are works of handmade self-expression as much as they are functional, inspired by the rugged shorelines and seascapes of her beloved home.


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