Dominique Caron

The fast pace of Apoterra Skincare’s hometown of New York City can be invigorating, exhausting and hectic, sometimes all at once.

Perhaps in response to this perpetual motion and its effects, the experts at Apoterra craft restorative, natural plant- and mineral-based skincare products, inspired as much by the excitement of activity as they are by moments of quiet preparation.

Dominique Caron founded Apoterra Skincare (formerly known as Caru Skincare Co.) in 2012. A physician’s daughter and a certified aromatherapist and herbalist in her own right, Dominique was especially aware of the needs of her own sensitive skin and disappointed by the options available to her. Rather than compromise, however, she set out to develop her own skincare line, inspired by her background and her personal belief in the importance of naturally wholesome, fundamentally honest ingredients. In developing her products and sourcing their ingredients, Dominique is committed to crafting products in small batches and remaining mindful about each botanical, oil and vitamin and the role it plays in the product and on your skin.


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