Holly Bailey

Holly is the curator at Cultivations.

She has a background in fine art and education and has combined her passion for discovering artists and collecting functional crafts with her ambition to actively support the arts. Her life-long love of art echoes throughout everything she does—inspiring her to pursue outlets that allow her to impact her local and broader arts communities. At her core, Holly’s appreciation for the human connection made through craft drives her work and dedication to supporting the creative community.

In addition to the work that she does for Cultivations, Holly has volunteered in art classrooms so that she may lend a helping hand as well as better understand how creative education can be improved for underserved communities. She sees that access to the arts is very limited and would like to help more people have the ability to appreciate and pursue creative paths. Holly also continues to make art herself—she is the photographer and writer for Cultivations and in her free time, works on developing her skills in natural dyeing and fiber arts.

With her interest in natural dyeing and fiber arts, Holly contributes her own small collection to Cultivations with the intention to compliment and celebrate the work of the other artists within this community. Using natural fibers and sustainably sourced dyes from food waste and foraged plants, Holly’s work not only has a positive impact on the environment, but it is also designed to encourage creativity and the enjoyment of handmade things. She hopes that the ribbon she creates helps to celebrate the special moments in life, like decorating or giving a gift, but she also hopes that her simple creations encourage others to find their own inspiration through using her ribbons and other naturally dyed goods.


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