Jillian Schimmel

Phoenix, Arizona is a veritable oasis of arts and culture in the northern reaches of the Sonoran Desert.

Here in this vibrant, sun-drenched city, ceramicist Jillian Schimmel crafts stoneware with an elegant simplicity that reflects the bright, expansive natural beauty of her surroundings.

Jillian grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where she first became interested in pottery. Thanks to these formative experiences, Jillian went on to study ceramics at Arizona State University, where she was inspired by the immediate, responsive aspect of working with clay; whether throwing the raw material into a shape or using the finished piece in the kitchen or at the table, the medium is defined by working hands. This interest in the ritual nature of clay led Jillian to move to California after college to refine her technique and style under a raku pottery artist. Now, as an independent maker in her own right, she has settled back in Phoenix to devote herself to creating pieces that celebrate the natural beauty of clay, community and the quiet, special moments that can only take place in the home.


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