Keunho Peter Park

Originally a painting student at Korea University in South Korea, Keunho Peter Park became inspired by creations people could not just look at, but interact with, handle and use.

Refocusing his studies on art installation and furniture building, Peter presented his own hand-built furniture for his senior arts exposition before continuing on after graduation to study traditional Korean furniture construction. Shortly thereafter, Peter studied studio furniture design at Rochester Institute of Technology, hoping to explore his own artistic ideas and connect with the American craft community.

To hear Peter’s story is to understand his artistic approach. His work, like his development as an artist, is inspired by the pursuit of a distinctive artistic language—a way to express his own vision, but also to communicate the unique personality of his pieces and the important role functional objects play in our lives.

Now based outside of Philadelphia, Peter works to instill a distinctive character in each of his pieces that emphasizes their role in our lives and our homes. The results are truly one-of-a-kind works of functional art that elevate and celebrate the meaningful spaces in our homes.


Make Yourself
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