Laura Preston

Working out of the same Airstream trailer she once crisscrossed the country in, designer and maker Laura Preston finds inspiration in the color and culture of the American landscape and in the timeless traditions of her craft.

As the founder of Vacilando Quilting Company, Laura creates modern handmade heirlooms including quilts, pillows and more. The name “Vacilando” is derived from Travels with Charlie, a travelogue written by American author John Steinbeck in the early 1960s. Vacilando is a Spanish word with no direct English translation, but embodies the idea that the journey is greater than the destination.

To create each quilt, Laura first plans everything out in pencil and watercolor. She then carefully measures how big each individual piece will be, cuts the fabric and pieces it together to form the top layer of the piece. This process can take between 12 and 50 hours to complete depending on the size and intricacy of the quilt. Laura stands firm in her commitment to sourcing only the finest natural and local materials and her work reflects the same unwavering dedication to quality and craftsmanship.


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