Leanne Tremblay

Rising out of the old-growth forest to the highest point in the state, Mount Wachusett lies 60 miles west of downtown Boston.

The name is derived from a Native American term meaning “Mountain place,” and it is at the foot of this storied peak that artisan Leanne Tremblay founded her studio, Loomination. Specializing in inspired designs woven by hand, Leanne crafts fine tea towels, napkins and more using a variety of vintage looms.

Leanne finds inspiration in traditional weave patterns and antique textiles. Her work is created using vibrant colors for a modern, minimalist look with a distinctive vintage touch. Creating functional household textiles using only natural fibers, Leanne focuses on the art of the everyday – the objects that enrich and inspire our lives and are made to be used and loved.

Leanne is a perfectionist who refuses to compromise on quality, and constantly strives to better herself and her craft. All of the cotton she uses is grown, spun and dyed exclusively in the United States and (with the exception of some sewing, which she outsources to her mother) all of the work is uniquely her own.


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