Lindsey Schneider

A skilled writer, photographer and potter, Lindsey Schneider pours all of her creative energy into everything that she does.

Using her knowledge of many artistic mediums, Lindsey’s pottery reflects her depth of interest in exploring simple, yet bold shapes with lots of texture.

Lindsey grew up in Maryland and went on to study writing and pursue film, video and photography. When her work took her to New York City in 2006, she took a pottery class as a way to get to know her community and found her new calling. Lindsey describes working with clay as “magic” and enjoys every aspect of her process.

The bold textures and shapes present in Lindsey’s work truly reflect her unshakeable excitement for working with clay. It shows in the beautifully made pots she produces—sturdy shapes formed with even and smooth edges, carefully etched patterns and a completely unique style.


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