Lisa Young

Lisa Young is based in Los Angeles, California, one of the great creative capitals of the West Coast.

In these urban surroundings, Lisa creates pieces that celebrate the serenity of the natural world and the simple joy of rustic living, regardless of where you live; inspired by folk art and non-western modern art traditions, Lisa hand-weaves natural jute baskets that harken back to when handmade items were not a luxury but a necessity, crafted with care and a commitment to craft.

A lifelong Californian, Lisa grew up in Los Angeles and spent time as a student in Sacramento. As a child, Lisa learned the art of crocheting from her mother, a talented maker in her own right who poured herself into countless crafts, from quilting to painting and doll making. Thanks to these lessons, Lisa appreciated at an early age the time and commitment each handmade creation required. Soon, she began creating herself, crocheting intricate yet rustic baskets for her home and others’. In 2016, she turned her lifelong creative outlet into a full-time pursuit, and ever since she has devoted herself to making pieces that will bring a small bit of nature into the home and the lives of the people who use them.


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