Moriah Okun

Moriah Okun’s background in architecture and her love of working with simple, natural materials lead her to explore a craft technique that ultimately became her primary form of expression.

After taking a workshop with Doug Johnston at the Haystack School of Craft in Maine, Moriah felt inspired by the coiled basket technique that she learned. Drawing on her experience in architecture, Moriah found the technique of using a two dimensional line to build a three dimensional form intriguing and began to expand on her exploration of the medium.

Hearing Moriah speak about the handmade nature of her creations and the joy that the act of making brings her is inspiring. The process, the materials and even the mistakes excite her and inspire her in her designs. Taking care to find the best natural materials, Moriah sources thinner varieties of cotton and jute cords to craft intricate and resilient little baskets that will hold their shape.

Moriah lives and works in Boston, where she sews her baskets and sells her work in many local shops. Moriah is inspired by the materials that she sources for her baskets as well as her handmade process. Seeing a piece from line to vessel inspires Moriah to keep making.


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