Nicole and Luke

A cross-country collaboration based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Oakland, California, Vestige HOME is composed of siblings Nicole Cole and Luke Stevens, who work together to create elegant pieces with exquisite detail and timeless design.

Despite their distance apart, Nicole and Luke are united in their creative passion for making meaningful pieces that transform house to home.

Though Nicole founded Vestige HOME in 2011, its roots go back much further. Growing up in a family that was often on the move, Nicole and Luke learned the value of the simple creative acts and objects that help to define a home and form a sanctuary to share with friends and family. When Nicole and Luke served in the Navy and the Coast Guard respectively, their insight into the importance of the home grew even deeper. After serving in the Navy and then working in a corporate setting, Nicole decided to follow her creative passion and found Vestige HOME; shortly afterward, she began collaborating with Luke to make the project what it is today. Now, with a refined eye for design and commitment to using the best materials, the two create functional pieces that are beautiful reminders of the intimacy and comfort of home.


Make Yourself
at Home

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