Owen, Baxter, Wiley and Marie

Travel by land or sea north from Cape Cod to Boston, Massachusetts and you will begin to understand the rich history and tradition of the region that Brothers Artisan Oil call home.

The group that makes Brothers Artisan Oil—brothers Owen, Baxter and Wiley, and Owen’s wife Marie—has a deep appreciation for this heritage, as their story and products reflect.

The Brothers Artisan Oil story began when the brothers decided to grow beards as a sign of support for their mother, who was recovering from a stroke at the time. As their mother improved and their beards grew longer, the brothers realized that the available grooming products did not meet their requirements for wholesome, hardworking ingredients. So, with a single-minded commitment to their craft that is part apothecary and part modern mixologist, the group set out to create a line of grooming products imbued with this spirit of independence and resilience. Ever since, the makers at Brothers Artisan Oil have been committed to honing their craft and furnishing products that transform routine tasks to meaningful rituals with every use.


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