Rebecca Segall

Though beaded jewelry is, in essence, a simple art, it is hard to tell from Philadelphia-based artist Rebecca Segall’s pieces; each of her necklaces is enchanting and intricate, crafted with a remarkable attention to detail and quiet devotion to tradition.

In both practice and final product, Rebecca’s work is a testament to fine craftsmanship and timeless design, and a powerful reminder of the importance of daily ritual and personal devotions big and small.

Rebecca herself was drawn to crafting beaded jewelry at an early age by the art form’s simplicity—it required only simple tools and raw materials, not to mention patient hands and a keen, creative eye. Soon, however, Rebecca set to refining her approach, finding inspiration in the spiritual significance traditional beaded necklaces hold for makers and wearers around the world and across cultures; the work is simultaneously creative and meditative, and its subtle details reflect the repeated, delicate work behind them. Today, Rebecca has continued to perfect her craft while pursuing an MFA in painting at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, allowing her interest across artistic mediums to inform her work and impart a unique quality to each piece: its simple power, and the traditions behind it.



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