Stephanie and Katherine

Ceramicists and co-owners of Annie Hanks Studio, Katherine McAlister and Stephanie Martin, are based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, a small city known for its tight knit and vibrant arts community.

Together, the two create distinctively beautiful, and strikingly elegant stoneware, informed by their close collaborative process and driven by a shared passion for their art.

Despite following different paths to Chattanooga (Katherine and Stephanie originally hail from San Antonio, Texas and Asheville, North Carolina, respectively), the two women came together soon after their arrival, when they both began taking ceramics classes as a creative outlet. The class soon ignited an artistic spark in them both, and they began pouring all their energy into learning and developing as ceramicists. Inspired by their like-minded approach and creative ambitions, the two founded Annie Hanks Ceramics in 2014, taking advantage of their shared collaborative spirit to push each other to grow as ceramicists and artists. Soon, Katherine and Stephanie outgrew their original shared art space and built their own studio from scratch. Today, they create pieces with a refined design and a modern aesthetic, inspired by the ritualistic and transformative nature of ceramics, each other’s adventurous spirit and their commitment to a shared artistic vision.


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