Tuli Fisher

Follow the furrows of Bozeman Pass westward through the mountains and you will arrive at the city of Bozeman, Montana, where blacksmith and master toolmaker Tuli Fisher calls home.

Befitting a place once known as “Valley of the Flowers,” it is here in Bozeman where Tuli creates gardening tools whose design and materials reflect the rugged, natural beauty of the surrounding terrain.

Tuli began his career as a blacksmith operating his own full-time farrier business after receiving degrees in history and museum studies. Knowing the value of expertly crafted tools and trusting his own handiwork, Tuli started making the tools he would need for his business himself, and even sold some of his tools to other farriers. It wasn’t until a farmer approached Tuli to repair damaged equipment, however, that Tuli discovered his interest in crafting gardening tools. Since that day, Tuli has worked to imbue every tool he creates with his passion for tradition, quality and beautiful design. Tuli’s commitment to the art of the hand tool and his belief in the power of his craft ensure that each piece is made with an uncommon care and enduring purpose.


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