Attar Repair Concentrate

Attar Repair Concentrate



A lightweight balm ideal for restoring skin, keeping the complexion radiant, this repairing formula by Monastery Skincare delivers important vitamins and fatty acids to the skin. Handmade with a blend of plant-based ingredients stemming from rose, Indian tuberose and hazelnut, the Repair Concentrate keeps skin both blemish free and moisturized. The balm’s gentle, hardworking ingredients make it perfect for daily use on dry, sensitive skin.

Ingredients: Hazelnut oil, rose hip seed oil, tuberose wax, beeswax, rose

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Athena Hewett Monastery’s approach stems from founder and esthetician Athena Hewett’s childhood summers with her grandmother in Greece, where the fresh air and Mediterranean climate encouraged a love for nature. In homage to those carefree memories, Athena derived her business’s name from a simple, sun-bleached monastery nearby. As a business, Monastery grew out of Athena’s skincare studio, Athena Allen. Unsatisfied with the ingredients and results of existing skincare lines, she began handcrafting products herself, using plant-based ingredients and eschewing artificial additives.
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