Lavender Moon Quartz Shooting Star Studs

Lavender Moon Quartz Shooting Star Studs


A mix of art deco elegance and modern design, these stud earrings by Lauren Carlson are timeless works of art you will cherish for years to come. With a keen eye for balance and movement, Lauren captures in these stylized earrings the dynamic, dazzling quality of a shooting star streaking across the sky. These studs are made of 14 karat yellow gold formed using a lost-wax cast and feature a 6mm lavender moon quartz centerpiece.

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Lauren Carlson Lauren Carlson earned a degree in studio art from the University of Memphis. Around the time of her graduation, Lauren had begun to focus on painting fashion-based pieces. It was only a few years after that she began taking metalworking community classes and began hand making her own jewelry. As she grew as a metalworker and jewelry designer, Lauren drew from her past painting work, incorporating elements of Dutch vanitas painting as well as beloved heirloom jewelry pieces and modern design. These inspirations say as much about her materials and methods as they do her aesthetic approach. Lauren creates each piece to stand the test of time, relying on her eye for studied, timeless design and fine materials so that each piece will pass on and preserve the power of deliberate, handcrafted design.
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