Simple Linen Hand Towel

Simple Linen Hand Towel


Inspired by a mid-nineteenth-century Shaker design and hand woven from sturdy and absorbent linen, this classic hand towel elegantly complements any interior environment—be it your bathroom, your kitchen or anywhere else in your home. Master craftsman Melissa Hankens weaves and sews each piece by hand to ensure the material is as functional as it is beautiful.

Dimensions: 15 3/8″ width x 23 1/2″ length

Machine wash and dry or air dry for a fabulous crisp linen feel.

Ships within 2 weeks.

Additional information

Melissa Hankens For master craftsman Melissa Hankens, weaving is a sensory experience. The process is detail-oriented and demanding, requiring nimble hands and feet as well as a sharp, mathematical mind. Yet Melissa finds racking the loom and pressing the treadles meditative—and she’s carefully perfected each technique over her 10+ years weaving in both a personal and professional capacity.
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