Perfect paired with your favorite cheese board serving set and a soft, creamy brie, this wooden spreader by Hillary King will add a rustic charm to your next dinner party spread. Inspired by her background in historical preservation, Hillary sources wood from preservation projects and lumberyards to repurpose it, so that each spreader uniquely captures the character and history of the wood from which it is made.

Dimensions: Approximately 8″ x 1.25″

Care: Hand wash only and avoid soaking. Re-oil as needed with a food-safe oil (mineral oil or refined plant-based oils designed for wooden board and utensil care).

Ships within 5 business days.

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Heat Pine, Sapele

Hillary King Originally from Spartanburg, South Carolina, Hillary came to Charleston to complete her master’s degree in historic preservation. She stayed in Charleston even after completing her studies, working as a historical preservation consultant for local projects dealing with the great number of centuries-old structures in the city. While working, Hillary realized even careful restoration projects discard beautiful antique woods that can no longer remain in the structure. In response, she set about learning how to reclaim those singular raw materials and finding them a new purpose in the home. It did not take long for her to find success. Now, inspired by the unique qualities of her materials, Hillary creates pieces shaped by hand and by history, repurposed and preserved for years of use in the home.
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