Spruce Candle

Spruce Candle


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With an aroma reminiscent of long hikes through dense, pine-covered mountains, this candle conveys the calming, secluded sensation of unhurried exploration. The clean-burning soy candle gives off a slightly sweet, classic pine scent that fills the room, much like the rich, brisk fragrance that permeates snow-covered evergreen forests. Brooklyn Candle Studio hand pours this candle into a rugged yet elegantly refined tin, so you can take its calming, introspective effects with you on any adventure.

Approximately 40 hours burn time

Ingredients: 100% soy wax, cotton wick, fragrance, essential oils

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Tamara Mayne Long intrigued by the art of candlemaking, founder Tamara Mayne began crafting candles in 2013 on a whim over her small New York City apartment’s stove. Despite its humble beginnings, the project quickly ignited a passion for the simple, timeless craft; soon, she found herself selling candles to customers attracted to the products’ natural ingredients and refined aesthetic. Today, inspired by the handcrafted approach of nineteenth-century apothecaries, Tamara continues to develop her own natural fragrances, which she then blends with clean-burning soy wax and pours around an all-cotton wick. The result is a simple product that belies the delicate care and commitment that goes into ensuring nothing distracts from the experience of each candle, its delicate glow and evocative aroma.
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